Less than six months ago, My Robot Nation launched. Tuesday, April 10th, 3D Systems announces they have acquired them. My Robot Nation is the fabulous 3D customize and print Robot Factory – a web-based platform that allows you to choose and customize your very own robot collectible. Or in my case, allows you to go to the site and let your children choose and customize their very own robot collectible.

My Robot Nation (MRN) is a California-based, boot-strapped start-up created by Mark Danks and Sarah W. Stocker. The acquisition brings their interactive game development talents to 3D Systems with the plans to integrate the MRN platform into the 3D Systems Cubify.com community where the Cube 3D printer is currently available for pre-ordered at $1,299.

This combination makes perfect sense. Creating the robots on MRN is a great experience. Waiting for them to arrive via mail is not. If 3D Systems can bring the gameplay mechanics into Cubify and successfully bring the Cube printer into homes, the 3D print consumer market just became much more interesting.

In 1986, 3D Systems put out one of the first additive manufacturing machine beginning the personal manufacturing onslaught to come. Over the last couple years, 3D Systems has acquired 24 different 3D Print related software, hardware and manufacturing companies. To my knowledge this is the first that really brings in an interactive consumer experience to the line-up.

Source: 3d Systems


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