There are a number of different strategies for sports betting, and the best is that what works for one person may not work for another. It is flexible, and each person can cater to their own strategy that best suits their needs.

One non-negotiable, though, is to stay up to date on the latest sports news. Oftentimes there will be a late injury scratch, a surprising trade, or something that will cause a line to move. There is such a tiny window of time to capitalize on the up-to-the-minute news and take advantage before the lines change.

Sports betting is a form of gambling that should be done modestly. Here are a few tips to ensure doing so safely and finding the best strategy.

Set limits, and stick to them

It’s easy to go overboard because, with one win, everything can be turned around, right? Limitations are important, and sticking to them will help. Set a weekly or monthly cap based on your paycheck, savings, or whatever the income level. Once it is inputted, don’t worry about adding more until the next check or a new month.

Gamblers and bettors can find themselves trying to make up for a bad bet or double down during live betting. It’s a dangerous game, and it can impact one’s mental health. People don’t become pros overnight, so try out different processes and information gathering and find whatever works for you.

Staying up to date

As previously mentioned, staying plugged into the latest news sources is key. Following the insiders on social media and setting notification alerts can allow bettors to capitalize on lines before they move. It can particularly be helpful as future odds change for injuries that cost a key player their season.

Picking a sportsbook

If you’re in a state that has legal sports betting, that’s great. It’ll be easy to register and sign up. There are typically different offers that will give you free money to wager with, or there will be one-time deposit bonuses to take advantage of.

To start out, it’s best to go one at a time. As you play around, you can figure out the sportsbook with the best odds for your liking or the wagers you like to place. All odds are typically in the same ballpark, but some sportsbooks will have higher odds than the mean or lower odds.

How to bet on sports

Once you’ve established a limit and picked a sportsbook, there are a few things you need to know so that you’re not blindly betting. The first is starting out with your unit. Oftentimes in sports betting, experts will say they waged five units. If their unit is $10, that means they placed a $50 bet. Again, this is why it is important to set limits at the beginning and not go with high units from the get-go.

There are so many different opportunities for betting on sports, but we’ll keep it to the basics. Beginning with what you can bet on in a single game.


Each team will have a moneyline option. This simply is who you think will win the game. If a team is a heavy favorite, they may be -200, meaning you’d need to bet $200 to make a $100 profit. If they are +200, a $100 bet and the underdog’s win will net a $200 profit.

Against the spread

It is common these days to see teams with a -7 or +7 next to their names on your favorite sports channel’s ticker. For instance, if you’re betting an NBA game and the Golden State Warriors are favored by seven points, it will appear Golden State -7. That means their opponents. We’ll say the Dallas Mavericks are seven-point underdogs, or Dallas +7.

If you bet on Golden State, they must win by eight or more to cover the spread. If you bet on Dallas, they must lose by six or less or win the game outright.


This incorporates the total points or runs, or goals in a game. If a baseball game has an over/under of 7.5, you can choose over or under. A bet on the over needs eight runs or more to cover, whereas a bet on the under would mean seven runs or fewer covers.