There are a lot more chances for people to win nowadays than before because we have analytics available online. You can check the match history of every club and their current situation in the league. But, even with this information available, most people still bet on their favorite team and lose money.

It doesn’t matter how big the odds are if you are just betting for fun and you don’t expect to win. There are many interesting things you can wager on, like point spread which is one of the popular options for professional gamblers. Soccer is definitely the most popular sport for betting because it has the most matches you can play and the most variations.

Why Soccer?

Being the most popular sport in the world means that there’s a lot of information surrounding it. There are plenty of websites that will analyze every single game from every single league in the world. This is a huge advantage over other sports because you will be able to make a safer bet because of the information gathered.

Besides having the right info, there are much more options when it comes to casinos and bookies. On average, every game from the most popular leagues will have around 300 bets that you can make. When it comes to other sports, it is usually around 50.

Betting Strategy

The best strategy is to play on smaller odds but with a bigger investment. Most bookies are earning millions of dollars from small bets because people are chasing huge winnings. There are millions of bets being made every morning, and more than 90% of them will be a loss. So, set your budget and start with lower but safer odds.

If you have a couple of thousand to start, you can split it into 40 parts which are $50. Even if you can invest more, start small because it only takes a few months to gain huge profits. The reason why you want to have at least 40 available bets is that losses will happen, and you’ll need the money for the right moment.

Gathering info and watching the games will be the determining factor when it comes to making bets but stick to odds between 1.5 and 3.0. Play only 1 or 2 games per day and be consistent because people start losing much when they stop playing rationally. There are plenty of safe games each weekend, and it’s quite easy to find a couple of games to build and 3.0 odd.

Top Leagues

Some of the top leagues include the Premier League, LaLiga, Champions League, Europa League, and now we have the Conference League. The problem with these leagues is that they are very hard to predict. Some teams will focus on one title more than others, so they will bring a lot of players from the bench to play.

Champions League and EL is also the time of the season when the most betting mistakes are made. But, with the right knowledge, it can be the best part of the season for you because fixing matches is impossible. Especially CL, which is the biggest soccer event besides national league matches.

You would want to see their performance in the national league, but it’s always better to search for a team with handicaps. If they have a lot of injured players and a couple of losses in the last five matches, there’s a big chance they will have a poor performance in these major leagues.

Collaborate With Others

Having multiple people that know analytics and statistics is always better than doing everything on your own. There are plenty of betting groups you can find online but don’t rely on them when it comes to your tactics.

Stay dedicated to the strategy you made and which you are playing, and have them on the side, providing other possible bets that you can make. These other bets should be outside of the budget you set for your strategy.