When playing online casinos, casino bonuses are among the things they are looking for. One of the best online casino bonuses today is the casino bonus 200. You will learn about this later on. But for now, let us go bust the most common myths about online casinos.

Myths That Go Around Online Casinos

Despite the challenges, including the ongoing battle for regulation, these online casinos have remained highly popular for everybody worldwide looking for thrills. And for good reasons – online casinos are safe, are convenient, and offer players features they cannot find from land-based casinos. You can play right from the convenience and comfort of your own residence and home.

In spite of all these, many people (those who have not tried online casinos yet, mostly) still believe that the games are not fair or safe because of the different myths that surround online casinos. So here we are, helping enlighten you further if you are trying to play the game for the first time. We are going to bust the most common myths that go around online casinos. Fasten your seatbelts.

Myth Number One: Online Casino Games Are Rigged

It is among the most prevalent complaints about Internet casinos. Since players are not in the physical location of the machines, many believe that the Internet casino games are rigged in favor of the house. This is far from the truth. The fact is, online games provide a game history that would allow those who want to run results through a given algorithm to see if there are any discrepancies from the game odds.

It would also not be in the best interest of a casino operator to rig the games in their favor, or else they will appear bad in front of the public. Furthermore, casino software suppliers invest thousands of dollars in having their games audited for reliability and accuracy, and the public can see the audit results.

To conclude, online casino games are never rigged. But, players are more likely to play many more hands in a similar amount of time as in a live session, so they might see their bankroll dip faster. As a result, a cause for the emergence of this myth.

Myth Number Two: Online Casinos Produce More Underage Gamblers

Interestingly enough, among the most significant concerns that many watchdog institutions had when Internet casino sites were launched was controlling underage gambling. Because of the openness of online casinos, almost everyone can sign up to play, even minor-aged people.

But then again, this is absolutely a myth. First, many Internet casinos require players to use credit cards or other relevant means to get started depositing into their accounts. Minors are not yet at the legal age to own credit cards. Moreover, IDs need to be verified to allow players to make a deposit. How about minors stealing their parents’ credit cards? While this could be possible, it is rare these days. Still, the verification process is very meticulous.

Myth Number Three: You Can Card Count Playing Online Games

This one is hilarious. Card counting refers to the way players may resort to it if they want to gain an advantage playing the casino. However, right here, we will tell you that casinos take measures to prevent this from happening. The casino also reserves the right to ban players from their platform.

Additionally, Internet casino operators never have to worry about card counting because it is virtually impossible. For example, most blackjack casino games utilize a shoe with six or eight decks in it. In a land-based casino, the shoe is cut close to in half. So, even if the player is counting the cards, they will never reach the end of the shoe and take advantage of it. In an online casino, the cards are shuffled. All eight decks. Every hand, because computers can do this instantly. As a result, every hand a player plays is essentially the first hand of the shoe – every single hand.

Myth Number Four: You Will Not Get Paid If You Are a Winner

Halloween is almost here. It is easy to be spooked if you hear a story of a player who did not get their prizes after winning the games. These only happen when players, by any chance, play in a rogue casino operator. With the number of players who are into online casinos worldwide nowadays, the number of those cheated out of their cash is a very tiny percentage.

While it is true that a casino does everything they can to keep your money in the account, such as implementing long pending periods, having documents that need to be scanned, identity confirmation, and much more, if you want the money you have won, you will get it. However, it is always suggested that you only leave a balance on your account; you are okay to lose if something happens to shut down the casino.

Myth Number Five: The Games Freeze If You Are Winning Too Much

Let us all admit it. There are online casino players who are just great at the game or have been playing online casinos for several years that they win too much. We also have heard laughable stories of operators freezing the games if a player wins too much. Why is this highly unlikely? First of all, if a player is winning in an Internet casino, the casino would want you to play more hands because, in this way, the house also wins. Having said this, why would they slow down the games?

Suppose there are indeed cases involving casinos freezing amidst hands. In that case, this is usually due to communication breaking down between the casino servers and the players’ devices, not because they do not want players to win. Sometimes, it could be as trivial as a slow Internet connection. There is no need to worry if any of these happen. When you restart the software, the hand will pick it up where you left off.

Myth Number Six: It is Impossible To Win With An Online Casino Bonus

Almost every casino website offers attractive bonuses and promotions for new and loyal players. However, some believe it is impossible to win lots of prizes with such bonuses. This is not true. The fact remains that you can actually win big when playing with these bonus offers.

But why do some players think they will not win with the bonuses? Probably because they do not pay close attention to the terms and conditions associated with the offers. This is important, especially on the clauses that speak about the wagering requirements. It refers to the number of times a player is required to play with the bonus money before withdrawing their winnings. Once you read these terms and conditions, you will realize these bonuses can strategically be used to score big wins.

The Casino Bonus 200

Speaking of bonuses, among today’s most widely offered welcome bonuses is the 100 percent bonus granted on the initial deposit. However, players think this bonus is not enough, so they look for a 200 percent bonus that doubles their first deposit and triples it immediately. This does not only increase their playing time but also their winning chances. For example, if a player deposits €100, they can play directly with €300 on a bonus offer of 200 percent. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? Among the best online casinos with these types of bonuses are Hotline Casino, Playouwin, and Wintika, among many others.