Want to play a video poker strategy game online? Now, you probably know the basics, but you need to be well versed in the game when it comes to winning.

While you can always get started playing a good video poker game at Ignition casino for free, knowing more about the game can help make the gameplay better.

Here are some terms that you will find useful.

Quads – Another word of four-of-a-kind. An example of a four-of-a-kind card combination is 3,3,3,3 and an Ace.

Royal Flush: It’s the ultimate winning combination that bears the jackpot amount. A royal flush is an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack, and a 10 in the same suit. The odds of getting a royal flush is 1 in 40,000.

Flush Straight– In a Flush Straight hand, the cards belong to the same suit and are in progressive or regressive ranks. For Example, 5,6,7,8, and 9, and all the cards are spades. This hand is also known as Straight Flush.

Strategy Chart– A chart sold by casino gift shops with video poker games’ strategies printed on them. A handy item for a beginner. The strategy chart is usually printed on a card. You can also download strategy charts from the internet.

Double Double Bonus Poker– Another variation of Bonus Poker. A player gets a kicker, and that will pay double on particular four-of-a-kind card combinations.

Face Card– Jacks, Kings, and Queens are known as face cards.

Four-of-a-Kind – It is a card combination where four out of the five cards have the same rank—for Example, a card combination consists of four 8s and an Ace. Four-of-a-kind cards usually bear high rewards in most video poker games.

Full House– A card combination consists of a three-of-a-kind and a pair—for Example, three 2s and a pair of Kings. This card combination is also known as a boat.

Inside straight– An inside straight is a card combination where the cards would have been in progressive or regressive ranks, if not for one of the middle cards—for example, a card combination of 2,3,8,5 and 6 or a 6,5,8,3,2.

Kickers– These are cards that have not been included in the winning combination. Kickers have value only in the Double Bonus poker game. It is useless in other games.

Max Bet: The maximum bet that a player can bet on a video poker machine. The max number of coins in a video poker machine is five coins. So, the maximum bet in a machine is that machine’s denomination multiplied by 5.

Min Bet: The minimum bet that the player has to place to play video poker. The minimum number of coins in a video poker machine is 1. So, the minimum bet is a machine’s denomination multiplied by 1.

Multi-hand: There is a multi-hand option in most video poker games. In this option, the player can play with multiple hands at once. Once the first hand of cards is dealt, the player chooses the ones to hold. These held cards are kept the same in successive hands while the other cards are changed. The altered cards come from separate decks in different hands.

Unlike classic poker, video poker players do not have to worry about showing off their skills at a full table in front of their colleagues, bosses, or people in general. Nobody will comment on your gameplay. You can enjoy your video poker in solitude!