Tetris and Block Puzzle are great puzzle games that are entertaining and exciting. It will keep you engaged for hours. While the games are similar in many ways, they are also dissimilar in a few ways. Continue reading to get a deeper understanding.

Tetris and Block Puzzle: the similarities

  • The game’s concept: The concept of both games is similar. As a matter of fact, Block Puzzle is inspired by Tetris. In both these puzzle games, the objective is to clear the lines to make space so that more block pieces can be fitted in. The game is about differently shaped block pieces that must be arranged in a way that they can form lines. Once they form lines, the lines will be cleared, creating space for more pieces.
  • The gameplay: The gameplay is similar for both games because players need to fit the pieces together and have clear lines. It is a puzzle game that must be solved with grit and rational thinking. If the block pieces are haphazardly placed anywhere, the game will end. The space will be filled up quickly.

That’s where the similarities end. The Block Puzzle game has come a long way from being a distant relative of Tetris. While the game was introduced after being inspired by Tetris, Block Puzzle has quickly adapted to the needs of millennial gamers and found its place. Here’s how the game is different from Tetris.

Block Puzzle and Tetris: the differences

  • The solo game versus multiplayer game: Tetris is a childhood favorite single-player game. Players spent hours watching blocks fall, and they would have to either move the blocks left or right to place them properly. The game was one of the go-to activities to keep someone occupied and entertained. On the other hand, Block Puzzle is a multiplayer game. You can download Block Puzzle game to compete against real-life online players from across the globe. By engaging in 1V1 battles, you can compete against players having varying experience and expertise. It provides a different adrenaline rush when you get to beat opponents and have the highest score. It is also a thrill to see your name on the leaderboard among many other players.
  • Never-ending versus time-based game: Tetris was a never-ending game because there wasn’t any timer. You can play the game for hours until you have run out of space and the game’s over. On the other hand, Block Puzzle is a time-based game featuring a countdown timer. Each match session lasts for about five minutes, and you need to try to score the highest within that time. It is prudent that players concentrate on clearing multiple vertical and horizontal lines instead of single lines to beat their opponents. But one must keep in mind the timer because it is a race against time. That’s what makes online Block Puzzle games much more exciting and gives a considerable dopamine boost to the body.
  • Falling blocks versus pieces appearing on the screen’s bottom: In Tetris, the block pieces fall from the top of the screen. On the other hand, the pieces appear on the bottom of the screen in the Block Puzzle. You will get three pieces at once, and after successfully placing them, you’ll get three more pieces, and so on.
  • No tournaments versus cash-winning opportunities: Since Tetris is an offline game, there’s no opportunity for earning money. There are no contests or tournaments that you can participate in. On the other hand, Block Puzzle is an online game, and you can partake in contests or tournaments to win money. These tournaments are multiplayer, and you have to compete against several participants to secure the tournament money. It is no mean feat to dominate the leaderboard and score higher than all the other participants. It would be best if you were acquainted with the strategies and tactics that can help increase your chances of winning in cash tournaments. However, cash contests might not be available everywhere. You need to check with the regulation of your state to ascertain if you can participate in cash games. If not, you have to play free practice games for entertainment.

So, these are a few similarities and dissimilarities of Tetris and Block Puzzle. The former is played offline, while the latter is an online game enjoyed by gamers globally. If you have downloaded the Block Puzzle app and are looking forward to beating opponents in 1V1 battles, here are a few strategies that might help you.

  • Do not place the block pieces on the center of the game board. It would be best if you started to keep them from the corners. It would be best if you worked your way toward the center of the board so that there’s always enough space for the other block pieces.
  • Always leave space for the square block piece because you cannot rotate this piece. It must be kept the way it is and can surprise you when it pops up on the screen. If you don’t leave space for this piece, your game might end abruptly.
  • The focus must be on clearing multiple lines at once. Single lines will not fetch you a high score. You need to clear several lines to beat your opponent.

Now go ahead and enjoy Tetris or Block Puzzle. Both are great puzzle games and will keep you engaged. Also, don’t forget to sharpen your skills before participating in cash tournaments.