As the world of IoT continues to reveal new ways of doing the same things better, certain applications have clearly been better than others. The BRIXO blocks from “lifelong restless tinkerer” and Quantum Physicist Boaz Almog is one of those few applications.

Almog, who also gave a 2012 TED talk about quantum levitation, has been devoting a significant chunk of time and energy over the past couple of years to developing a building brick that is free of wires and can bring toy brick designs to life with electronic sensors, motors and connected apps.

Described as “LEGO on steroids”, the BRIXO electric bricks are normal-sized chrome-coated building bricks that act as electric conductors. When interlocked in a design, the non-toxic bricks produce complete and wire-free simple circuits capable of adding light, sound and motion that connect to a smartphone or tablet – adding what Almog calls “an element of interactive awesomeness.”

“It all began a couple of years ago with my son,” says Almog. “He successfully wired an electric science kit and proudly showed it to me. I asked him where the circuit was and he looked at me puzzled. I quickly realized he couldn’t see it through the forest of tangled wires on his breadboard. Not a moment later, he went back to playing with his favorite toy, Lego™, and the idea for BRIXO revealed itself.”

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Needless to say, the bricks are considerably powerful for those who want to create automated IoT processes – such as setting up a Nest profile to turn on all smart home devices when a BRIXO keychain is affixed to a BRIXO board by the door or sending a text message alert when the doorbell rings.




Adds Almog:

“With bricks that can be triggered by sound, light, touch and the entire world of IoT, there isn’t much you CAN’T do. You can set your phone’s alarm clock to only shut off when you build a pyramid. Or you make a treat dispenser that gives your pup a treat every time he goes to his crate when there’s a knock at the door. Or help your kid build a nightlight that turns on when he says ‘heebeejeebee’. And that’s just what our crew did, you’ve probably got a few ideas of your own.”


With nearly $150K raised of his original goal of $50K and with over a month to go in his Kickstarter campaign, it appears that Almog is on the road to runaway crowdfunding success – but the fun doesn’t end there. The full-time tinkerer is also building a community of tech explorers, developers, amateur architects and the like to share projects and instructions with an online library of models and hacks.

Those interested can purchase the Starter Kit – which includes 1 smart battery case, 1 motor block, 10 2×1 blocks, 2 2×2 blocks, 20 4×1 blocks, 1 LED light, 1 light switch (36 parts total) – for just $35 with an expected delivery in October of 2016.

Find out more over at Kickstarter.


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