If failed 3D prints, Futurama toys and mini-LEGO Architecture buildings just aren’t cutting it for desk toys anymore, how about replacing that valuable desktop real estate with some glowing dinoflagellates?

Unlike the crudely mass manufactured plastic vessels for mail order brine shrimp (AKA Sea Monkeys), the interactive glass Dino Sphere from BioPop is a true salute to nature on par with the legendary EcoSphere closed ecosystems.

As a home for thousands of dinoflagellates (tiny marine plankton), the Dino Sphere brings the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence into a vessel that can be held and “swirled” to physically agitate the plankton until they glow in response to physical stimulation. If nothing else, swirling a piece of ocean phenomena in your hand is certainly a better stress reliever for those tight deadlines than that fading Panic Pete squeeze toy:

…and here is the same effect in its natural habitat at a beach in San Diego:


Says BioPop:

“The Dino Sphere will only light up when swirled in a dark room during nighttime hours. The Dino Sphere will not light up during daytime hours, even in a dark room. The Dino Sphere will generally start to produce light after about an hour into its nighttime phase when swirled in the dark. The light intensity will increase as the night progresses.”


For just $59.95, BioPop will ship a Dino Sphere via express delivery (2-3 days) starting in 2016. You can preorder one directly from BioPop here.


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