When it comes to teaching kids the basics of hardware development, few companies have mastered speaking to young inventors on their level as well as LittleBits.

Founded by engineer and interactive artist Ayah Bdeir, it would make perfect sense that, being a female and one-time young inventor herself, Bdeir knows exactly what kids want to create with the electronic building block kits: boobytraps for keeping those pesky parents and brothers out of their room.

From the motion-activated “Domain Defender” to the “Burglar Buzzer” alarm, the new Rule Your Room Kit from LittleBits just might be the best modern tool for empowering young inventors to easily “create” the world around them as they see fit.

At $99, the kit gets you started with seven Bits, accessories, and a step-by-step guide to creating eight inventions from existing objects in a room. Once the eight inventions have been tried and tested, there are nearly an infinite number of other inventions that can be made using pieces from the kit. An included Invention Guide (PDF here) keeps projects on track.

YouTube video

Find out more over at LittleBits.


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