It wasn’t too long ago when having maybe 3 or so colors in a single mechanical spring-loaded pen was a big deal – but what if you could carry nearly every shade (approximately 16 million colors) in your pocket wherever you go. That’s just crazy.

As the latest high-tech art tool, the Cronzy pen is a device that allows users to manually select one of (a purported) 16 million colors from an accompanying app for marking up their latest writing assignment or coloring their Lisa Frank-inspired rainbow unicorn drawing. Even more impressive, the pen also includes a built-in “color scanner” for users to scan the world around them and create color-accurate sketches in real-time without the guesswork or color generalization.

Of course, the biggest question on everybody’s mind is, “how in the heck do you squeeze 16 million colors into a single pen?”

According to the company, the pen’s main mechanism is based on solenoid valves that are controlled by an algorithm for mixing colors. In their current development stage, the engineers have been able to achieve high-precision mixing of CMYKW colors which exist as ink cartridges within the pen similar to an inkjet printer.

Although the Cronzy team already has plans to release a consumer-ready version of their technology in the near future, they’re hoping to speed up development and gain initial feedback via IndieGoGo. Those interested in being among the first to carry 16 million colors in their pocket can pre-order the Cronzy starting at $179.


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