For some, it seems to come almost too easily before even having started grade school. For others, it can take a lifetime (if it ever happens) to master. Regardless, throwing a perfect football spiral is necessary for accuracy, and for the first time ever, beginner and expert players will now be able to measure those spirals with surprisingly honest feedback thanks to Wilson’s new smart football.

Featuring a small embedded chip with accelerometers, a gyroscope, and Bluetooth connectivity for capturing and relaying football throwing data via an accompanying app, the Wilson X Connected Football is the most advanced football to ever enter the game. Heck, not even the pros have had access to this level of information before.

A single throw of the Wilson X football can tell a player or a coach the football’s peak velocity, an estimate of how far the ball traveled, the spin rate (RPM), whether a pass was caught or dropped, and finally, the spiral efficiency based on how “tight” of a spiral was thrown:

Similar to the company’s smart basketball that was released last year, the football also includes an embedded power source that’s good for 500 hours of continuous play. That said, the sensors are in a constant sleep state unless they are awoken and put in motion. The result is over 200,000 throws without the need to charge or replace a battery. In fact, the embedded chip is so light, it’s not even noticeable.

At $199, the “The World’s First Smart Football” might not be an ideal ball for casual pick-up games in the park, however, it just might be the perfect practicing tool for becoming your team’s next MVP.

Find out more over at Wilson.


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