Google is no stranger when it comes to supporting Do-It-Yourselfers. Earlier this year, the company released their AIY Voice Kit for makers to bring the search giant’s Google Assistant artificial intelligence network to their Raspberry Pi projects. Not surprisingly, the kit was a huge hit.

This week, the company is following up on the success of the AIY Voice Kit with the AIY Vision Kit.

Similar to how the AIY Voice Kit tapped into the company’s voice search platform, the AIY Vision Kit allows users to tap into its Neural Network to provide powerful computer vision without the need for a cloud connection—all on a $35 Raspberry Pi. Yes, this means you can now build a computer that can identify plants, animals, food, detect facial expressions, and just about anything else that the impressive neural network can do.

“The provided software includes three TensorFlow-based neural network models for different vision applications,” explains the company. “One based on MobileNets can recognize a thousand common objects, a second can recognize faces and their expressions and the third is a person, cat and dog detector. We’ve also included a tool to compile models for Vision Kit, so you can train and retrain models with TensorFlow on your workstation or any cloud service.”

The AIY Vision kit includes a cardboard outer shell, the VisionBonnet circuit board, an RGB arcade-style button, a piezo speaker, a macro/wide lens kit, a tripod mounting nut and other connecting components. Users will need to bring their own Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Raspberry Pi Camera, an SD card and a power supply, which are all purchased separately.

The $44.99 AIY Vision Kit will be available in stores in December. Pre-orders can be made today via Micro Center.


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