Rolling side to side, on toward the rough hewn slide, and we, barely touching foot to ground, jumping across their heads, fled, and as we did the large one turned, with the others flanking round, to jump and eat, and trigger the uplink from their ship to these fine links.

sslololss – He’s an illustrator with some mad Illustrator chops creating dreamlike scenes with a beautiful storybook feel. See more on his Dribble and Instagram.

Lokokitchen – And since you’re over on Instagram and it’s the season of pies, check out Lauren Ko’s amazing pie art, whose tagline is “When all hell bakes loose”.

Getty Virtual Library – You may know of the thousands of paintings in their open content library, but did you know they had thousands of books as well? Plus, quickly find if one is in a library near you.

JIM – The ‘smart’ decanter from Jim Beam we hope is real. Jim, pour me a drink. More on the world’s first smart decanter here.

Color Flow – A new furniture line from Orijeen with a lenticular surface that can change its color depending on your position and movement. Trippy.

The Interlace – An interesting overview I came across of the 1000-unit apartment building designed by Ole Scheeren and the architecture firm OMA and completed in 2013.

Wookie/Rookie – The FT. Worth Police Department is at it again, publishing a video of Chewbacca exploring his career options as a rookie cop.

Stranger Play – A Stranger Things inspired retro-style game.

Obsession – If you missed it in our earlier post, here it is again. And how they worked with Double A on the ‘Paper Mapping’.

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