I finally know what I want for Christmas. An ASR Carbon mountain bike from Yeti cycles. It’s only $6149.00, fully loaded. These high-end bikes are just plain tough looking and make my purple GT Outback look wimpy. Oh yeah, and they are designed in SolidWorks.

My favorite one from their line-up, the ASR Race/Trail bike, is a 4.25 lb full carbon black amalgamation of insanely beautiful styling, comprehensive sizing and tight 3.89″ travel.

First, here’s a snip of video from a CCNTV interview back in July.

Love the detail
I love it when companies fill you in on the process of their design. The video is great, but the site tells you even more about how the manufacturing starts and finishes with a video guided factory tour.

And for all of you that like a little something extra you can have them send you some stickers too. Companies don’t give away enough stickers anymore.

Don’t miss this
Two other things you don’t want to miss are the Video Vault where you can see highlights from the races and the downloads where you can score some wallpaper and the 07 catalog.

Oh yeah…
One of our readers, Bruce Buck, has done a trailer adapter product for his ASX. Very cool Bruce. Check it out.





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