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Don’t you just love some seriously beautiful wallpaper to customize your programs with? Sure, you can customize your SolidWorks background, but that’s so SolidWorks 2007. Now, in SolidWorks 2008 you can even add a custom image to your drawing background. In fact…are you ready… it already comes with… a crinkly paper background. Yeah, pretty hard to miss. Props to that guy.

Good ol’ Mike P. got around to explaining this a bit before I finished some graphics done, so here’s my addition and two handfuls of wallpapery goodness.

Like Mike says, you can go to Tools, Options, Color and check the “Use specified color for drawing paper color” or you can change that sucka up!

To make your own
The file to change is in …SolidWorksdataImagesdrawings. It’s called sheetbackground1.bmp. The easiest way to change it? You can open it in your favorite graphics program (like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp (free)) and add any graphics you want.

I’d recommend using a white background and setting the transparency of your graphic low so it’s easy to use in the drawing, but as you see below, even a dark one can be used.

Make a backup copy of the other sheetbackground1.bmp and just save your graphic in the same folder with the same name. Restart SolidWorks, open a drawing and you’ll see your new background.

Some to try
It may seem completely useless to use background images on drawings, but you may find something to use it for. I can’t really think of any except maybe setting up an image that has areas defining a layout or getting fancy with a presentation. So most of these are just for fun, but maybe you’ll find one of them inspiring or useful. Save these to the same folder and remove the solidsmack00_ at the front.

Download all in a zip file (2.84 MB)

Black Charcoal
solidworks drawing background

solidworks drawing background

Green Phase
solidworks drawing background

Blue Shader
solidworks drawing background

solidworks drawing background
image credit

solidworks drawing background

solidworks drawing background
Just for Ricky

SolidWorks Offwhite
solidworks drawing background

solidworks drawing background


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