This post is part of our series on cool crowd-funded projects that are pushing forward technology in product development and introducing innovative product design. They’re all projects we’re contributing to as well. If you would like to participate and share your project or another you find interesting, submit it to or let us know on Twitter @solidsmack with the hashtag #kickit.

There’s nothing like starting out the week with three cool ways to spend your hard-earned cash. We’ve got just the dose for you with a project that has a unique take on rhythm and strings, a wearable to make fitness more fun (is it possible??!) and the next generation of low-priced, high resolution desktop 3D printers. I’m pretty sure it would be hard to survive without one or all of them. What’s your favorite?

Bohemian Guitars

Bohemian Guitars creates custom, one-of-a-kind guitars from vintage oil cans. You’ve just got to hop over and hear the sound. As you can imagine, vintage oil cans are rare, so they’re reaching out to the crowd to kick off the manufacturing of their own oil cans. They’ve already hit their $32,000 goal with the early bird specials sold out. Personally, I like the rarity of the actual antique oil cans, but if this gives them the ability to bring this unique product to a wider audience at a lower price and still create some true vintage builds, all the better. Get yours here. Visit their site here to learn more.


Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

I’ve been skeptical of fitness bands, bracelets and strap-ons… until I saw the Amiigo. The Amiigo Fitness bracelet is a device, with complimentary app, that collects data from your workouts to help you see what is most effective. Getting out and exercising is going to be more effective than sitting around all day, but if a shiny, little band is going to help you, this is the one. Other people seem to think so too. The project has met and cleared the $90,000 goal and is currently pushing toward $300k. The next tier to get an Amiigo is $99 for a black band and beta access to their app–All the details and more on their project page.


DeltaMaker 3D Printer

The DeltaMaker 3D Printer is a slick Delta Robot 3D printer in the vein of the Rostock. We had a chance to see the beta build of this printer at MakerFaire New York and it’s come a long way. With impressive speeds, build area and a 100 micron resolution, it’s one to watch, nay, FUND. The price? AMAZING. The project kicked off with the printer priced at $500 for a fully-assembled DeltaMaker. They’ve built steam selling out several reward tiers with the current available tier priced at $1,399 for a fully-assembled DeltaMaker. They’re pushing toward a $107,000 goal. Jump on it quick right here!



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