Among other recent technological breakthroughs, it is now possible for dreams to be translated much more efficiently into physical 3D creations. Among others, ‘The Wire Collection’ of vases designed by Ivan Zhurba is a testimony to that fact.

Produced using selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology, ‘The Wire Collection’ vases thrive with the spontaneous energy of an artistic doodle in three dimensions. The smooth vectors tracing the motion of an invisible projectile in 3D space gives it a very dynamic appeal. The generative design-aesthetic of the vase makes it a perfect addition to smart and modern interiors, not to mention it gives off a feeling to it that introduces playfulness and a candid, spontaneous attitude into the ambiance.

Speaking about the design details, the designer, Ivan Zhurba seems to have effectively exploited the newer possibilities that 3D printing offers.


If you note at the insides of the vase, a cleverly and inconspicuously inserted base holds the water and retains in it for the flowers to stay fresh. Such a nested design would have been much more complicated to make using conventional production methods.The flexibility offered by the 3D printing process greatly frees the product designer from the restrictions of conventional production processes and enhances the scope of imagination in the designs. It also helps to bring down the production costs of small volume batches.

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When we say that digital fabrication methods have changed the landscape of design – the effects aren’t limited to just the method of manufacturing – but also, the method of retailing. The possibility of teleporting high-end designs to be accurately reproduced by numerous 3D printers could mean efficient and sustainable sales channels that take a given product directly to an end user.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ivan’s portfolio over on Behance.