Take one look at the VersiCube and a dozen questions start popping in your head:

“Is it a toy?”

“How does this work?”

“It this a miniature cheese grater?”

Truth is, not even the creators know the full extent of this little doodad’s capabilities. So what is it?

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The Versicube was made with three goals in mind: to create something which inspires people to pick it up and play with it, to raise awareness for the new KAD Models and Prototypes shop in Vermont, and to help support the local skill trades though their relationship with the Vermont Technical College.

So Why Make A Versicube?


Apparently Brian Kippen, KAD Models owner and founder, has been making variations of an age-old Swiss cube toy for years. When the opportunity to make the new KAD Models shop known arose, he and his team prototyped many versions of the cube until they arrived at the VersiCube design you see today.

But What IS It?


Well… it’s a 1.375″ x 1.375″ cube with holes in it. You can fidget with the VersiCube as is, but the holes provide a few more options for using it.

You can stick pens, pencils, or whatever else you fancy through the holes to make it a holder of sorts. You can play tic-tac-toe, provided you get the 28 aluminum pegs which can fit in the holes. You can even stack the cubes on top of each other and keep them in place with sticks, string, or whatever else you can fit through the holes.


Apart from the standard VersiCube, a Mini VersiCube measuring 0.500″ x 0.500″ was also made. This one’s smaller size makes it ideal for carrying around as a keychain or even as a piece of jewelry.

Both versions of the VersiCube are made using machined aluminum, while the standard VersiCube has a media blast finish.

The VersiCube is currently live on Kickstarter and has $4,923 funded out of its $4,000 goal. If quarantine has left you with restless hands and a hankering for something to play with, you might want to give this curious cube a shot.