Not everyone loves cats, but those who do think they are the cutest thing since… well, dogs. They’re cuddly, fluffy, and can cough up a gooey hairball on your keyboard. What’s not to love? But one thing that apparently drives cat owners mad is their cats’ unsightly behinds. But don’t worry, there’s a design for that.

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Instead of covering your cat’s rear end with a diaper or pet pants, Twinkle Tush lets you carefully locate a dainty piece of jewelry over your cat’s rectum. A small ring holding the ornament is slid over your cat’s tail so it doesn’t accidentally slip off and expose your cat’s woohoo to unwilling onlookers. The jewel itself only comes in sparkly blue, but at least it isn’t an unsightly brown. With this swanky accessory, cats can walk around with their cat tails held high for all to adore.

Obviously (unfortunately?), this is a gag gift meant for extremely posh cat owners or insecure people who feel frightened by the cold stare of their cat’s a-hole. The product’s website explicitly says so itself. SEE.

Considering the health hazards if the small jewel accidentally gets sucked up, I’m surprised complaints against the product haven’t been made yet. And it’s not like it moves out of the way magically on a visit to the litter box – maybe there’s room for a IoT Smart Twinkle Tush here. Any takers?

Visit the Twinkle Tush website and order one yourself if you doubt their authenticity. Each Twinkle Tush costs $5.99, ships for $1.50, and comes with a poorly Photoshopped sticker of a bejeweled cat butt. JUST ORDERED 10.


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