The ruler and measuring tape have been around since time immemorial. If you’re looking for something more modern, more pocket-size, to physically measure your projects, then you might like the idea of this compact rotating ruler.

How ya like that whistlin’?

The Rollbe is a tiny measuring tool which looks like a miniature pizza cutter. Not meant for cutting bits of Italian cuisine, its main purpose is to measure different types of surfaces. Whether it be a slab of wood, an intricate piece of marble, or your skull, all you need to do is roll over the object with the Rollbe and the tool does most of the hard work.

Unlike the length limitations of a tape measure or a ruler, the Rollbe can roll on and on without worrying about the size of the object. Depending on the size and unit of measurement desired, the Rollbe comes in 4 inch or 10cm and 8 inch or 20cm options.

rolling measuring device

All you have to do is place the arrow mark (located at the end of the initial measurement) on the start of the surface you want to measure and roll away! By following a “radius indicator” and keeping track of the number of revolutions the Rollbe undergoes, users can add the units to determine exact measurements.

rollbe rolling measuring device

For units which end up short of a full rotation, you need to add the remaining units to the number of full rotations. There’s even a radius indicator which helps add the empty spaces the Rollbe cannot reach.

That’s a lot of math to go through! But considering this is the offset for having a seemingly infinite measuring distance, some people would be willing to cope with the extra multiplication and addition work.

The design is genius in its simplicity. A brass handle holds the stainless steel disc in place while the disc itself is knurled on the edge to prevent slipping. Measurements are visible on both sides of the disc, making it useable for both lefties and righties. Excluding the 8 inch and 20cm versions, the 4 inch and 10cm variants also fit into a neat little pouch, just in case you want to impress your date by measuring the width of your dinner table.

The project has already exceeded its CA$ 8,000 goal on Kickstarter, so expect to see more people using this handy measuring tool in the future.


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