We LOVE collecting things–Odd design tools, pencil shavings, quesadilla drippings, and software, especially software. We’ve long wondered which 3D CAD software developer was going to pull an Adobe CC and launch an all-in-one of their entire software line. Autodesk has come pretty close and is making their Product Design Collection even more attractive announcing the addition of  Nastran In-CAD and HSM CAM software to the aptly renamed Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

Stephen Hooper, Sr. Director, Manufacturing Business Strategy & Marketing, says:

One big thing is becoming clearer and clearer to me: manufacturers want a simpler software experience. They want one set of tools that talk to each other, so that product designers can easily pass 3D models to Engineering to simulate and test designs, and Engineering can in turn pass final designs to the production team to set up machining.

Desing to Engineering to Manufacturing. Makes sense to me. So, here’s what the collection includes:

  • 3ds Max
  • Fusion 360
  • Inventor Pro
  • AutoCAD
  • AutodCAD Architecture
    AutodCAD Electrical
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • Factory Design Utilities
  • Nastran In-CAD
  • Navisworks
  • ReCap Pro
  • Vault

Only software it’s missing is Stop Shop From Changing Design Willy Nilly PROTM

Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

And that graphic… I’m sorry, but WHO ARRANGED THOSE ICONS? Are they not aware of the planetary laws of OCD? All sorts of options – alphabetical, by color, but at least all the A’s together.

Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

There. Fixed.

This collection is available now worldwide. With the addition of the two products and the name change comes the added cost of nothing – the cost of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection remains at the $2460 (in the U.S.) per year with a 1-year special offer of $1722 (in the U.S.) if you switch to the collection.

Are the product additions good news for you? It certainly feels like a more well-rounded collection, much like in Fusion 360 where big updates, including Sheet Metal, were announced the same day as this collection and, just so happens, is included with it. So, does this take care of everything? What would you want to see with this collection?


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