Young or old, keeping on top of your multivitamins and supplements is hard to keep track of and if it’s meds you need on a daily basis, it becomes even more important.

Pill organizers are nothing new. They keep your medication handy when you need it. Some of them even come with labels to let you know when to take your pills. But very few pill organizers actually solve the biggest problem of supplements and medication, which is remembering to take them in the first place. O’kase aims to change that.

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Time to Take Your Meds

Outside of hanging a traditional pill box around your neck (or a reasonable amount of self-discipline) there’s no convenient way to keep consistent with the pill poppin. The O’kase modular pill organizer, on the other hand, lets you choose from a variety of notifications to suit your preference.

Don’t like an annoying alarm? Set a light notification that blinks green when it’s time to take your medicine. No time to check the light notification? Set the app to send an SMS to your phone or email to your inbox. With the number of options available, you can set the O’kase to notify you in a way that lines up with your regular routine.


If the beeping sounds, blinking lights, SMS messages, and emails don’t work and you still forget to take your medicine, a red light on the O’kase’s panel reminds you of your bodily decay until you take your pills.

Should you happen to be on an outdoor trip or in an area with poor Wi-Fi coverage, the O’kase has built-in cellular and Bluetooth modules to keep up with the notifications sent to your phone. While the O’kase works fine without any smartphone connectivity, our phones are a near inseparable, hence natural, conduit for notifications.


The O’kase with two parts: the controller and the medication case.

The controller is fairly simple. On the front beside the notification lights, are a power button, a screen, and two timer options: a clock and a countdown timer. Turn it to the side and you’ll find a USB slot for charging and a SIM card slot to hold your medication schedule.


This little controller works just fine as a portable medication reminder, but also attaches to the medication case. With both attached, the controller blinks red and beeps when you open the case if you’ve already taken your required meds (to prevent possible double dosing). After a set time, the O’kase sends you an email detailing your medication schedule as well as ways to improve upon it.


The O’kase is currently live on Kickstarter, nearing its goal of $19,500 with early bird options available starting at $59 USD and a planned delivery date of January 2021.

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