For all the clean freaks in the house – meet your new best friend. If you’ve ever had the necessary task of cleaning your home, there are products you’re convinced have been designed to be difficult to clean. We scream for a better solution, in the product design itself or the product designed to clean them. Enter Skadu.

The Skadu power scrubber may have been made with kitchen cleaning in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other parts of the house (or even the car). With its three scrubbers and a powerful motor behind them, you can purge the dirt and grime unlike ever before.

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Multi-tool of Clean

With a European Product Design Award and financing from SPRINT Crowdfunders Fund, the Skadu already has the attention of those interested in its multi-functional capabilities. Scrubbing dirt, grime, and other undesirables from items are what the Skadu is designed for. Instead of wasting minutes rigorously scrubbing these surfaces clean, you just make a few passes with the power scrubber to get similar (if not better) results.

skadu power scrubber

Scrubbing Power

The secret behind the Skadu’s scrubbing power lies in its Hyper Lychee motor tech, which can put out a massive 8kg/cm torque (at least for a handheld scrubber). This power is shared between the Skadu’s three opposite-rotating scrubber disks which give it an RPM of 200-250. Needless to say, it’s a higher amount of scrubbing power than if you were to clean any surface by hand.

skadu power scrubber

If the three disk attachment isn’t cutting it, you can swap it out for a much stronger single copper brush or a longer bottle brush attachment. While all of these attachments eventually require replacements, all of the Skadu scrubbing supplies are made from recycled plastic. Heck, even the copper brush is 100% recyclable.

skadu power scrubber

The Skadu runs for a full two hours before it needs a 3 ½-hour charge. It even has its own mobile app which allows you to purchase replacement scrubbing supplies, message customer support, track the amount of grime your scrubber has cleaned, and err… even shows the cleaning data of other Skadu users? Yes, indeed.

While that last feature may be a bit odd, people definitely want a more powerful scrubber. The Skadu Kickstarter campaign has shot past its $5,000 goal heading toward $200,000 in funding. Options start at $59 USD with the scrubber holding a 1-year warranty and a delivery date of April 2021. You can find more on this petite power scrubber over on the Skadu Kickstarter page.

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