Brooklyn-based EXOvault are known for their unique phone cases and all-metal eyewear that is so removed from the norm they boarder on works of art. The idea behind their creations is centered not only on art and craftsmanship, but on the individual as well, providing a wider range of styles that give the customer a sense of distinction over mass produced products that rely on providing a choice of color only.

Considering the popularity of their phone cases and glasses, it only made sense for EXOvault to expand into the laptop arena and design a briefcase that not only protects the mobile PC, but does so stylishly and with room for expansion–more on that in a minute.

The EXOvault Briefcase 1 is designed using 7075 aluminum alloy–strong as steel with a higher corrosion resistance than other aluminum-based allows. The distinctive interlocking teeth are CNC machined and act as a frame with G10 glass-epoxy composite acting as the case walls, which is then covered with high-grade leather.

EXOvault states that the Briefcase 1 will act as the base for a modular platform sometime in the future, where customers can attach additional cases for everything from smartphones to cameras. Straps will also be an option as well and while the briefcase will ship with one, there will be an option that allows users to carry the case like a backpack.

EXOvault just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising just over $17,000 to manufacture the Briefcase 1, which is now available for pre-order on their website and comes in a variety of colors, but doesn’t come cheap with prices starting at $550.








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