After showcasing the new Air Force 720 and unveiling a limited-time workshop where customers can… err, customize their shoes, Nike is back at it with another innovation to their timeless shoe:

On the surface, these Nike Air Force 1s are as easily dirtied as any other pair of white shoes. But shine a blacklight over it and voila, hues of purple and gold appear as if by magic. Recently shown at the Nike House of Innovation in Shanghai, China, the colors which appear on the shoe remain there even after the light passes them.

According to Staple Design founder and shoe enthusiast Jeff Staple who was at the event, this is just one example of Nike’s upcoming designs which are activated via UV light. Though the tech used seems quite cool on the surface, having to lug around a blacklight to keep your kicks’ colors looking fresh seems like a bit of a chore.

nike air force 1 white UV shoes

This isn’t to say Nike hasn’t released light-based shoes in the past. Last year, the company released the Air Force 1 Mid “UV” – yellow green shoes which, when exposed to direct sunlight, reveals a Nike Air Logo around the shoes.

Currently, these UV light-enabled Air Force 1s have no planned release date (we’re not even sure if they’re being put into production). This was merely a test sample to show the public what Nike has got in the works. If they manage to get the colors to stay permanently on the shoes even after being exposed to UV light, then Nike might just have a whole new line of kicks on their hands.


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