There’s a place we’ve been warned about called, THE FUTURE. I’m not so sure it exists. But if it does, there are present trends that are certainly shaping it and how we experience everything from structures to shopping. Stuart Fingerhut has a firm grasp on what’s setting the pace. You’ve heard him on EngineerVsDesigner. Now, he brings you the future with a quarterly Design trends report that highlights emerging trends, the technology and materials shaping Experience Design.

Design Trends for Experience Design

You’ll not get a better overview of what’s shaping Experience Design. Stuart touches on the role design plays in creating memorable experiences for people, but also on current concepts that will affect how we interact with people and our surrounding. The latest report for 2012 Q1 features Augmented Structures, Networked Cities, Nanolumens and various interactive displays, lighting and software trends. The report also touches on materials such as CO2 Absorbing Concrete, Splinitex Structures, Window and Wall Systems that will get you excited about things to come.

Design’s power lies in its ability to create memorable experiences. People will always seek out something new – it’s a part of the human condition. Design’s power is in creating richness and meaning by layering products or spaces with services.

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The Dawn of the Terabyter

When discussing the trends with Stuart, he passed along a link that you’ll want to check out. ‘The Coming of the Terabyters’ is an article from Futurist Thomas Frey.

In the coming years we will see an explosion of systems designed around the quantification of human attributes and personal influence serving as the basis of new currencies. And these currency movements will be driven farther and faster with introduction of The Terabyters.

He explains how a person’s ability will gain more value, the amount of information consumed and created by people each day, how that stacks up in quantity for a year and then, what’s to come.

A terabyter is a person who produces more than a terabyte of new information every day. Today, only a handful of these people exist, but the numbers will soon swell along with the development of new data capture equipment.

Are you a terabyter? You’ll need to see the rest of the article to read his example. However, some additional thinking on the subject needs to applied to capturing, but also creating, 3D data and creative media. To create all of this data, people don’t need to be absorbed within the confines of digital devices – wearing devices that allow a greater amount of data capture. While that will undoubtedly happen, the largest amounts of data won’t be elevated through consumption, but through creation outside and with the help of these devices. Take for instance 123DCatch for iPad. That, in a sense, is a transitional technology. Combine 3D motion capture with Google Glasses and you’ve got a conglomerated mountain of 3-dimensional data that only begins with a device you are wearing.


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