Oh, to drown your mornings in a scalding hot cup of java. Perhaps you recognize the Octo cup from Shapeways – you can buy it in white ceramic for $56. The eight-handled cup was designed by Cunicode design agency as part their ‘One Cup a Day’ project. Over a single month, new cup designs were made. And not just any cup designs – fabulously RIDICULOUS cup designs.

Cunicode Coffee Cup Designs

Cunicode is a design agency out of Barcelona and Hong Kong. They’ve created many 3D printed objects, creating designs for clients that explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing. The ‘One Cup a Day’ project is just one experiment they’ve used to hone their design skills.

One Cup a Day project is an experiment on creativity and rapid manufacturing, by ideating, designing, modeling and making available for production and purchase a coffee cup within 24 hours, everyday during one month.

I didn’t realize the Octo cup was part of a bigger month-long project. Take a look below at the ideas they came up with. I can only speculate that Cunicode drank a hefty amount of caffeine to elevate the inspiration.

“It has an ergonomic handle, but its completely covered with piping hot coffee.”

“My friends told me I had a serious caffeine problem. What? You don’t have a hot coffee bath in the morning?”

This would never survive the dishwasher 🙁

“Hey don’t make fun of my coffee cup …  my Grandma knitted it.”

This is far too silly….

Is the cup half-empty, or half-full? Or is your cup, a half-cup?

A continuous surface ‘Klein Cup’, for the Math nerds out there….

Up your punk cred with this studded cup. Or not.

Espresso n Coffee – perfect.

Worst. Souvenir. Ever.

All of these designs can be bought on Shapeways… My heart is set on the inside handle cup, for its sheer ridiculousness. Any favourites?