Everyone loves quality keyboards. They’re fast, responsive, and let you encode your thoughts into a digital format easily.

A high-end keyboard can run you up to hundreds of dollars, but you can get a good, solid one for just a couple of bucks. Or… you could also try to make one, just as YouTuber Flurples has done many, many times.

By far, their most popular keyboard build (one with over 10 million views on their channel) is a small 27-key keyboard taped to a piece of cardboard.

YouTube video

You read that correctly – cardboard. Thanks to the modular nature of today’s keyboards, Flurples can buy the components and make the thing themselves.

cardboard keyboard

The customized keycaps use Gazzew Boba U4T cherry brown switches fitted with SPRiT MX Slow 65g Extreme Springs and Deskeys switch films. These sit on a 3D printed plate that Flurples made available online, balanced using a Durock Plate Mount and Holee modded stabilizers. The whole thing is connected electronically through a barebones Elite C controller. You can see it on the lower right-hand side of the keyboard, connected to a USB-C port.

As you might have noticed, this particular keyboard only has 26 letter keys and an upside-down “Shift” key, which was modified into a space bar. Unless you’re confident in your typing prowess, this keyboard serves mainly as a novelty item than anything else.

Besides its beauty, it also offers utter comfort to its users. Thanks to the springs and some 3203 switch lubricant, pressing the keys sounds like lightly snapping a piece of chocolate into perfect parts every single time. Just take a look at the comments section, and you can see others’ shock at how soft and tactile the keyboard is despite being double-side taped to a piece of cardboard.

Flurples has struck gold with their modified keyboard videos, so expect to see more typing ASMR on their YouTube channel.


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