Last time we heard from Mininch, the new hand tool company had raised over a quarter-million dollars from their first Kickstarter campaign – where they were hawking a unique multi-tool design that featured multiple bits in a pen-sized package.

Their product, which was simply called “Tool Pen“, was aimed at the “Fix It Yourself” generation who need to fix their bikes, skateboards and household gadgets but don’t necessarily want the burden of owning an entire toolbox. Of course, the sleek design of the pen didn’t hurt either; the solid machined 6061 aluminum pen (which uses tool steel bits) looks and feels tough even if it lacked in the ergonomics department.

Now, nearly a year since the success of their original Tool Pen, Mininch is back with an updated version of the pen that’s even smaller than their original: the Tool Pen mini.


“(On our earlier), amazing Tool Pen journey, many backers said that they desired smaller, jeweler-sized bits for fixing some electronics, intricate equipment, mobile devices, glasses, and wristwatch, to name just a few,” said the Mininch team.

“We heard all your opinions and we obviously loved these ideas. Since then, we have begun studying how to shape the mini-sized version Tool Pen, and we’ve been tirelessly working away on developing it after the last project was finished.”



The smaller Tool Pen mini features the same “Pop-A-Point” feature from the original Tool Pen that makes switching between bits easy and storable within the pen’s barrel. Additionally, the pen is also machined from solid 6061 aluminum and features a sand-blasted finish with three color options (Snow Silver, Gunmetal, & Champagne Gold) that will feel right at home next to an iPhone, pocket knife or other Everyday Carry element.

Although the pen design is machined from aluminum, the precisions bits themselves are made of high-quality “S2 TOOL STEEL” to ensure that they’re durable for frequent use. For their first release, Mininch will be releasing 21 bits with each purchase.

These will include:

  • Slotted Bits (Flat): SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, SL3
  • Phillips Bits: PH00, PH0, PH1
  • Hexagon Bits (Hex): H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, H2
  • Torx Bits (Star): T6, T7
  • Torx Security Bits: TR8, TR9, TR10
  • Square Bits: S1
  • SIM Eject Tool: 0.8
  • Pentalobe Bits: P2, P5, P6



“The product you see here is actually the 3rd-run prototype we did,” added Mininch.

“Developing this mini version was more difficult than what we originally assumed. The major challenge we met was the complexity of mechanical design for applying Pop-A-Point mechanism to this smaller pen & jeweler bits, not to mention that the tooling & CNC process for making precision items were also much tougher. So, we worked with our manufacturing partner (the same one who supported Tool Pen project) and attended to every detail over the past months.”


Well, the team’s hard work has certainly paid off – with over 22 days left to go in their campaign, the project has already raised $212,005 (as of press time) with an original project goal of just $15,000.

The Tool Pen Mini – and all 21 bits – starts at just $45 over on Kickstarter.


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