I don’t know about you, but the Tauntaun scene in Empires Strikes Back was EPIC. In one captivating scene, it taught us the single best way to survive a blizzard is to have the carcass of a very large, very smelly animal with you.

Scott Holden was equally inspired and decided to create his own Tauntaun costume. He lays out the process he went through, start to finish. You won’t have the warm entrails of a tauntaun to burrow in to, but you will see how he used SolidWorks to make it happen.

Scott used good ol’ SolidWorks 2005 to lay out the internal frame of the Tauntaun costume and create the dog-bone stilts for the legs.

I started designing the costume in Solidworks. I was thrilled to find that someone had created a 3dStudio max mesh model of the Tauntaun online and was able to download the file and import it directly into my Solidworks drawing! I also imported the model for a human body into the drawing for scale. Once the frame and custom stilts were drawn I began construction.

The main frame was constructed using regular PVC pipe, then quarterd sections of the PVC were attached with rivets and screws around the frame to attach the fur.

Scott also put together a guide on how to make a cheap silicone mold using ordinary silicon caulk. Now, I’m only hoping you can tell me you’ve tried to make a Tauntaun costume before or that you now inspired to give it a try.

via Core77 via Adam Wood


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