Good news for all of you who inadvertently stick your hands in the front fork of bicycles from time to time. You’re gonna have to go back to sticking them in the chain with this new, totally functional bike design from Olli Erkkila.

Olli, graduate of Lahti University Institute of Design in Finland, not only came up with a super slick, cruiser-style bike, he used his ingenious power of design to boot the front fork right out to give the two-wheeled transport a completely unique, almost floating appearance. Check. it. out.

Creating the Bike

What’s interesting as always, is the development of the bicycle design starting with the frame. The sketching starts out almost car like, then takes on the funky ol’ shape of a recumbent as the seat tube and down tube are combined to give it that special look. (Click to Enlarge)

And that’s just one of his designs. Click on through to his site to see another forkless bike and an oh, so sweet, lowrider.

Via Toxel


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