With the Sony PlayStation 5 release coming up tomorrow, people continue to argue about graphics cards, processing power, and the overall mini-fridge size(?) console design. However, if you turn your eyes to the controller you’ll find an itty-bitty Easter egg your eyes might not catch at first glance.

Playstation 5 Controller Design (Easter Egg!)

Early reports about the console all say the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller works great. It has similar buttons and features of past PlayStation controllers, it’sergonomic, and all the buttons are responsive. But did you know, if you look closer (like under a magnifying glass closer), you will see tiny squares, triangles, circles, and crosses strewn across the controller?

The iconic △ O X ▢ symbols represent the action buttons for the controller since the very first PlayStation console. You’ve likely used them to enter some favorite cheat codes over the years and now you can find them added to the surface of the new DualSense controller.

Tiny Texture, More Grip

The controller decor isn’t just for show, though. The symbols actually add texture to the controller, giving players some added grip while holding it in their hands. Prior PlayStation controllers didn’t have the texture and a lot of players (myself included) suffered from slippery controller syndrome as a result of extended play and super sweaty palms. Hopefully, the addition of this texture makes slippery PlayStation controllers a thing of the past.

But the controller isn’t the only place you’ll find these shaped etchings. Sites like UploadVR have found them on the interior of the console’s faceplate as well. And though you won’t be holding the inside of a faceplate as much as the outside of a controller, it’s a nice touch that makes swapping plates, parts, and cleaning the console a little easier.

dualsesnse easter egg
image source: UploadVR

Props to Sony for adding this little nod for PlayStation fans all around the world. You can bet they’ll be looking reaaaal close at their controllers when the PlayStation 5 launches and appreciate a controller that stays longer in the hands.


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