The only kind of pens that you’d like to pass down from one generation to another, are in the range of the expensive Cartier and Mont Blanc kinds. Definitely not falling into this bracket, is the ManualPen as it’s not super expensive and neither glam-ed up with celebrity endorsements. However, it holds the distinction of being an everlasting piece of treasure that you will want to own and pass down. With capabilities of functioning under water, in zero gravity and upside down, the biggest draw of the pen is the fact that its milled out of a single piece of solid metal.

What makes the pen an instrument that will last you for generations, is the way it has been designed and crafted. Kictstarter veteran Kristoph Krisjans is the creator of this pen and according to him, the pen features no breakable parts that can hamper its smooth functioning. Basically what he has done, is used a solid metal body and the fitted it with a rechargeable cartridge.The design of the barrel is such that it has a unique mechanism that allows you to fix in the cartridge with ease. You will need to do this only when you have to refill the ink.

For the better part, you only need to switch between the writing mode and the standby – closed position. Designed with a light bent clip, the cartridge stays in position with the right amount of pressure coming on top of it from the pen barrel. What I like about the design is that it has a milled groove on the side so that it doesn’t slip or roll off the table. It’s attention to details like this that makes the pen, perfect. If you are the kinds that likes holding a solid body between your fingertips, then this is the pen for you. The 0.5 tip roller pen kinds, should stay away from this beauty. To be honest, I am partial towards pens that have a solid body pen, perhaps this is why I really like Kosmos pen – another crowdfunded beauty –that I had pitched in for.

The ManualPen features aFisher Space cartridge and comes in black or blue ink. It will last you for about 15,000 and is 3.5 times longer than what you typically get for ball point pens. If you identify with the aviation or automobile cues, then it’s because Kristoph was inspired by their aerodynamic form. Teamed with a specially crafted sleeve, the ManualPen is a great pen to have.

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