It’s a problem that’s plagued riders for over a century and has even spawned an entire industry of accessories: the flat bicycle tire. Although many have come to just take flat tires in stride with a variety of fix kits or even entire tube replacements in their riding gear, the problem of a flat bicycle tire leaves a lot to be desired – for obvious reasons.

Thanks to recent efforts in research and development from Korean company Tannus however, the days of cursing flat bicycle tires may soon be coming to an end.

The company has just announced a new bicycle tire that’s made from a unique Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin “Aither” Foam Technology that looks similar to the polyurethane (PU) foam used in the midsoles of some running shoes. According to the company, although it looks like the same material used in midsoles for running shoes, it is “totally different from any other foaming technology both in terms of its process and condition,” thanks to to the company’s unique “Aithercompound” material and unique manufacturing process.


According to the company, the tires are capable of withstanding a variety of objects that would otherwise likely lead to a flat tire in a traditional tire design including shards of glass, stones, stray nails and other small objects.


In total, the company has made an all-round tire for multiple terrain types, a road tire that’s optimizied for long distance training and a small tire for smaller bike sizes. All of the tires are guaranteed to not age, degrade, or fade in color over time.

The tires start at $140 for one pair over at Tannus and are able to be used with existing rims.


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