Not to get all personal with you on a Tuesday, but how many different design apps do you use? The non-CAD variety – the apps that help you document, store, take notes and generally be a nuisance to those who don’t like your repeated requests to join GMail or a Dropbox? There are likely a few and from the looks of this snazzy infographic cooked up by work-app discovery site BestVendor, you’re headed to the cloud and will likely smash anyone who badmouths your favorite app. Do you use any of these?

Best [Non-CAD] Design Apps

Sure, many of these are non-CAD Design apps, but we use many of them everyday. What better way to take a screenshot of your CAD file, adjust the hue and saturation slightly and slap a border around it than with Photoshop. None! And I’m betting a bottled can of CNC’ed screams that you’re using Dropbox or more and more to share files. What about the others though?



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