Handheld scanning. We haven’t seen enough of it. There are a lot of moments when I wish I had a simple, easy-to-use and cheap scanner readily available. Say, I break my favorite cup after trying to escape out the window from wild dogs. Why are there wild dogs in my house. NO IDEA. So, I want to put it back together. I could use glue or I could print it from a previously taken scan or its reconstructed pieces. Voilà! Yes, having a handheld 3D scanner would be quite nice. One future possibility. The Armada.

Armada 3D Scanner

The Armada is a concept created by Isaac Blankensmith and Kyle DeHovitz, a chunky handheld device you’ll recognize as being very similar in functionality to the Matterport scanner, except much, much smaller. Like the Leap Motion (an actual product) that takes its inspiration from the Kinect, the Armada is roughly the same size as the Leap device, but focuses on the data capturing aspect of 3D object recognition.

“Armada can create a 3D scan of any object through triangulation between the cameras and the cross-beam laser. The cameras are angled to track the position of the laser on a surface, providing the three necessary reference points to create a cloud point. During a scan thousands of cloud of points are formed and merged into polygons.”

Intriguing, don’t ya think? It also syncs with software on your phone over bluetooth with the ability to transfer the 3D data info your 3D software. At least, that’s the idea. Take a look at the video they provided – it’s a great piece of marketing for a product that doesn’t exist yet. I really don’t see why something like object capture couldn’t be combined with the motion capture of the Leap Motion device. But with that, I’m sure we’ll soon see realtime 3D capture on mobile device, able to both capture motion and your surroundings. 123D Catch already exist for the iPad. Video and IR accesories can’t be too far off.