Desk space or even table space is often over-cluttered, leaving little of that valuable real estate left for anything besides a cup of Joe or some fatty snacks. To free up some of that precious space by relocating our mobile devices, inventors Igor Zemskov and Stephen Hughett of BLK SEA Studios designed the Anchor Dock, just launched on Kickstarter, which serves as a dock that can be clamped to nearly any tabletop edge.

The Anchor Dock also features a pair of hooks that can be used to hang pocket litter and handbags or serve as a battery station to recharge mobile devices. With one you could be set for hours. With more, you could relocate all activity to your table full of clamps.

The Anchor Dock is simple to use–the adjustable clamp can handle most surfaces thicknesses of up to 2-inches and tightened to keep mobile devices secure. Routing holes on the Anchor allow for charging cables to be routed neatly and kept out of the way while charging at work or home. Additionally, the docking station features a pair of hooks that can be used either to hang items on or to store a 2200mAh battery charger (available with pledges of $80 or more) while on the go.


Amazingly, the anchors dual hooks can accommodate loads of up to 30lbs, making it an ideal choice for hanging items such as headphones, briefcases, a sack of potatoes, a small child, or all of the above really.

One of the more interesting features of the Anchor is that it uses an adjustable bolt to keep the business end of the charging cord secure so users can simply press their mobile devices down onto it much like traditional docking stations. The Anchor Dock is currently being funded on Kickstarter and those looking to get their hands on a new, nifty desk accessory can pledge $55 for the base version, while $80 will net you the Anchor and battery combo. However, for unknown reasons you can buy each separately for a $5 discount- totaling $75. Again… $55 for a C-clamp.



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