Once in a while, there comes a Kickstarter project that becomes your ‘a-ha moment’ and inspires you. The HMM RULE/ONE is one such project that is so obvious and yet so distinct. The perfect marriage of everyday stationery implements that are essential! Targeted mainly at the design fraternity and folks that still rely on the good old paper and pen for illustrating their ideas and thoughts, the HMM RULE/ONE is innovative and includes a pen, ruler and stylus for Touchscreen Devices.


Described best as the tool that helps us take notes and analog illustrations, the RULE/ONE uses some pretty interesting materials for it’s crafting. The unit is basically 13cm long and is compact enough to be held in the hand, strung around the neck or carried in your pocket. The entire pen is made out of 5 pieces of milled Aluminum and the black anodize surface adds a dash of sophistication to the tool.


The project showcases its uses aptly, for example you can use the set as a bookmark or add the stylus cap and use it with your iPad. Basically the unique design solution combines a pen and a ruler and then builds upon this premise. Apparently NdFeB magnets have been added to the ruler and this helps the pen to slide easily into the ruler and fit snugly.


What we like about the ruler is that it caters to both inches and centimeters. To make sure that the markings are permanent and legible, the digits are laser engraved and not printed. That would be so half-baked! In any case, we have a choice in the refill as well; the pen features interchangeable ballpoint pen with 3 different colors. To replace the refill, simply unscrew the cap at the bottom of the pen (using a screwdriver) and change it. The pen comes with a Mitsubishi UNI Ultra-fine 0.38, standard style, however Pilot, Creamy, Lamy, Uni-ball, Signo, Pental and EnerGel refills can also be used.