Marketing and 3D printing have been going hand-in-hand quite nicely in recent memory (and why not?). Whether using additive manufacturing as a self-promotional tool or as a way to make custom Oreo cookies, it serves as a good reminder just how custom we can get with manufacturing these days. The innovative indie rock band Broken Bells has joined the 3D printing bandwagon and in support of the launch of their new album ‘After the Disco’ they are releasing album-themed models free to print. Could this be a (fingers-crossed) growing trend in underground marketing for bands?


For those not keeping tabs, the indie rock band Broken Bells consists of producer Danger Mouse (he of Gnarls Barkley fame) and the Shins‘ James Mercer. Already known for their innovative music styles, the 3D printing component of their new album promotion fits in nicely with their future-forward experience:


The two sets of 3D models are inspired by the music video for the band’s music video ‘Holding On For Life’ in which the ‘Space Girl’ (as featured in one of the downloadable 3D models) is played by Kate Mara from the popular NetFlix show House of Cards:

You can download the 3D model for free over at the Broken Bells site.

(Images via Broken Bells)


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