The world would be a much better place if, outside of everyone’s front door, there’s a scenic route, primed and ready for brisk walking, jogging, and – of course – cycling.

You can avoid so many tricky logistics like fitting or strapping your mountain bike onto your tiny car. Or what to do with a brand new mountain bike when you already have a favorite bike for casual use. And you’re rarely in the mountains.

Self-proclaimed “master of all terrains”, the Superstrata bike covers most of them in its frontend options. And with an array of promised features, it confidently claims itself as “the last bike you’ll ever need. If nothing else, that could really save you some garage space.

Superstrata Electric Bike

Custom 3D Print for Comfort

To be the last bike you’ll need, the product must be durable, comfortable, and adaptable. Superstrata backs that large claim up with its most significant selling point: this bike is entirely 3D printed (minus the components). No, more than that, it’s 3D printed with your measurements in mind. 

The unibody frame alone sets it above the cut. It’s made of a carbon fiber composite that makes it incredibly light (less than 1.3kg or 2.9 lbs) and leagues stronger than steel. This very same composite forms the chassis and outer body of the bike, molded into one. So, you can expect its ability to bulldoze through rough terrain with minimum damage. 

But Superstrata manages to avoid the pitfalls of mass production by printing each component according to your specific build. It takes 18 measurements, your height included, and keeps these in mind as they print layer by layer. 

With this, you avoid (often costly) DIY adjustments, like chopping the posts, that could leave your bike feeling worse than it did when it was not the right size.

Customizable to an Extent

Beyond promising a bike that fits your frame – and, let’s be fair here, that’s a big deal and saves you a lot of butt pain – there are various options you can take to make your Superstrata the perfect fit. 

First off, there are two versions of the bike: the classic Superstrata C and the electric-powered Superstrata E. Both offer custom measured components for the frame down to the saddle. Both come with either black or white frames. 

The difference is the Superstrata E comes with a battery squeezed into the frame. This primarily powers pedal-assist technology that reaches a speed of 32kph. Further down the line, you can equip your bike with gadgets – GPS, phone charging dock, power sensors, etc. – to match your daily use. 

Judging by everything it has in store, Superstrata really is made for you.

The Superstrata bike project has exceeded its campaign goal by a mile. However, you can still snag the Early Bird and IGG perks for discounts (up to 50% and 30% off, respectively) during the campaign period with ship date set for December 2020. You have just a little while longer to back this project with a handful of early bird specials left so check it out soon!

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