In the realm of stylish SHTF fashion, it’s unlikely you’ll have a lot of choices. Fortunately, given the proper society ending event, there will be plenty of unnecessary road signage lining the untraveled streets. Just snag a couple or five and you’re all set to make colorful shielding to warn any would be attacker that you know how to protect your flesh in style. Ivan Owen of ChainCrafts created the bite/axe shielding concept you see here, strapped to your upper torso with leather belts for ultimate end time appeal.

Stylish Street-Sign Armor

As you could probably guess from the pictures, the armor plates were made from a stop and a dead end sign (obtained through legal means, of course). These are affixed via arming points to a harness made from belts that features ammo loops and two straps to hold equipment. The plates were formed, in the spirit of the end of the world theme, the old fashioned way; with a ball peen hammer and an anvil.

A ball peen hammer and an Anvil – two more tools that will come in handy should you look out the window and see a few mushroom clouds or half-chewed zombie faces. One word of advice though… avoid the chin patch. That’s the first thing that will get you killed in the post apocalypse.

Image: Jen Martin Studios via Make


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