Then, hopping down the snow-drawn path, with bells singing a muted rhyme, it happened upon a cranberry grove, strange and quite serene. There in the light and shadows still, a beckoning upon that hill, a band of rabid Christmas minks, gnawing on these chewy links.

Evan Raditya Pratomo – Classic and fiarytale combined, exploring worlds and characters in the serene storybook art of Evan Pratomo.
Mumuration – Starling swarms. You may have seen them in the fields as you drive toward the sun, or like these two, in a boat on a lake.
Exploding Christmas ornaments – A different look at Christmas ornaments. High-speed photos create by Alan Sailer.
31-Step financial tune-up – Yes, it’s about that time and if your finances are not in order yet, this might help you put it off longer.
Year in Pictures – A lot of sad events, but a lot of nice ones as well. The Big Picture looks back in this 2011 photo montage.
History of Santa – This quick video breaks down how the jolly fat man, or the small elf man, or the skinny bishop came to be.


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