Face it, your bottom is tired of the cushy, padded seat, proper proportions and adjustable arms, back, legs, height, tension, spin and depth. Yes, your ass longs for simplicity. The Sorri lounge chair is a ultra-minimal and ,may I say, ultra-fantastico chair designed by Portugal-based designer Gonçalo Campos. It’s produced by Wewood and while it’s not available for sale yet, the joinery and the form is a site to behold.


Sorri Chair

Typically, we’re opposed to simply posting inspirational end-product shots of a fabulous design. There’s just so much work that goes into an idea. (Note to designers: Post video and images of the process! Show what it takes! Example.) Even with the lack of bandsaws and sawdust covered faces, Gonçalo was kind enough to share some very detailed shots of the exquisite joinery that compliments the frame of this chair and balances the massive surfaces of flowing grain in the seat and chair back. Apparently, it’s a ‘friendly’ chair as well.

“‘Sorri’ is a friendly chair, ingenious, wide and inviting. Easily recognized by those great gentle surfaces–an important feature that provides all of the comfort, with a wide area to drop belongings like a bag, a coat or a book.

Many design details were considered in this chair to stress its solid construction and its main curve, reminiscent of an inviting and assuring smile. Much of the attention was also placed in the back of the chair, to make sure it looks solid, inviting and comfortable from every angle. This chair perfectly marries a simple and pleasant shape, with an efficient and optimized production, creating a comfortable product to see and to use.”

And I would use the heck out of it. This is simply one of those chairs that makes me happy to see people still able to design a unique and functional style of chair. While I think this is Gonçalo’s best work, he also has some other fine furniture, lighting designs and even some 3D printed jewelry on his website. Are you diggin’ this chair?








Via Yanko design


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