What could be more exciting than a thermos filled with your favorite soup flying across the room and hitting you in the neck? A heated, self-illuminating thermos filled with your favorite soup, that’s what.

Nicolas Bernal, from Montreal, Quebec, has been busy finding ways to keep his mama’s best recipes warm on a long hike and sending SolidSmack some juicy insight to the design. What I’m wondering from you is, do you think this is a feasible concept?

Could it help developing countries? Take a look and join the discussion!

The concept

“Vertigo is a self-heating food and beverage container that is designed for outdoor travel and adventure. The high performance dynamo produces electric energy that heats the element. The element heats the contents to a palatable temperature in around three minutes. No need to recharge any batteries or transport combustible devices, this product it’s 100% autonomous and ecologically friendly.

The material used to do the external shell is Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT). The PBT it’s a polymer used for thermic isolation in the electronic industry. Because it has a very low percentage of deformation at the time of his molding, it is hermetically and mechanically resistant. This material is also resistant to temperatures up to 150° Celsius, and is a fire retardant.

The premise of this concept was to develop a device that was very resistant [to the elements] and gives the user the ease and freedom to prepare a meal anywhere, at any time. I would like to further develop the idea to cater for people in extreme [conditions or] third world [countries] where resources are limited.”

More ‘Hot’ Images
Here’s some more details of the container. Click the images to enlarge them.

So, what’s your opinion? Could this be the perfect food prep device for the long haul or countries needing to sanitize water and food?


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