You may like to argue about whether or not 3D Printers will go mainstream, but one thing is for sure, you can get started pretty easy, pretty soon and do it on the cheap.

Prepare your fingers for nicks, scraps and beautiful droplets of layered ABS plastic. Next week, Makerbot will start shipping their Cupcake 3D printer. Right now, you can buy it before it starts shipping for $750.00 or you can purchase 250 of these bad boys for $525.00 each.

Here’s the details and the video. Are you getting one?

3D kit in a box
The printer is complete 3D Printing kit, meaning it comes with all the motor-buzzin’ wiry goodness you need to start printing. Quality? It’s layers of plastic, so what do ya expect, but the nice thing is that it can use ABS, so you can get it smoothed out pretty good after the print. Check out the dodecahedron they make in the video.

Makerbot Industries – Cupcake CNC from MakerBot Industries on Vimeo.


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