Have you been there? A sharp *crack* sending you and your carry-on suitcase into that unforgiving airport terminal traffic? I’ve cracked a suitcase wheel on an uneven surface, giving my baggage a mind of it’s own. With no better option, I picked up the heavy bag and carried it, sometimes from the side, sometimes from the long handle. A nightmare for someone who doesn’t like checking in–it felt like my clothes had been replaced by bricks.

In my lifetime part of growing up involves a fair share of travel, more frequent and shorter trips. If you travel a lot as well, you know how hard travel can be. Netta Shalgi, founder of Shalgi Design Studio aims to change the pains of travel with G-RO, “revolutionary carry-on luggage’, and smartly introduced himself to a completely untapped niche with his new and massively ingenious travel companion.

He has addressed the main issue first, The WHEELS! As with cars, plus-sized wheels or large diameter wheels increase handling and reduce the height of the tire side wall leading to increased stability. Adapting a similar formula, Shalgi has adopted big wheels which put the center of gravity close to the rotational axis making the wheel feel dramatically lighter. The large axle wheels strengthen the side of the bag and are cut close to the body which doesn’t hamper any interior space. The G-RO glides over every other terrain including snow, sand, cobblestone, curbs and steps.

With the aim of the G-RO to be the most functional, durable and ergonomic travel companion, they have included an aircraft-grade, aluminum, four-stage telescoping handle that is more than six-inches longer than the industry standard. The handle stops at multiple levels to serve people of any height, providing better leverage and comfort.


The G-RO companion bag, was built to last, made from ballistic nylon, aerospace and fire-arm-grade polymers, waterproof, with a unique and patented “roller coaster” design that distributes any stress. The interiors aren’t too shabby either, with different compartments for personal items and others for work items that includes space for a 15-inch laptop. The G-RO comes with an optional electronic module that contains a battery with enough juice (23,000 mAh) to charge your phone, tablet and laptop all at once. In addition, an option electronics module includes a universal power outlet to charge your laptop with a stand, a location tracker and a wireless proximity detector.

Defined as being unbelievably easy to maneuver and tough without any added weight, The G-RO is the first real disruptive bag to come to market in the past 25 years. The G-RO companion bag priced at $299 ($398 with electronics module) is more than a welcomed change. G-RO’s dimensions already meet all airline guidelines for carry-on luggage and it’s just a matter of time before travelers gravitate to the product. Shalgi Design Studio arranged the funding through Kickstarter to bring their dream to reality. Though funding has ended successfully with nearly 9,000 backers pledging over $3.3M dollars, pre-orders are available via Indiegogo.