The point of technology? Make our lives easier. It’s almost 2016, and I still have to press buttons? Puh-lease. How about a microbot made to push your buttons, literally? That’s the new invention from South Korean startup Naran.

The company launched an IndieGoGo campaign last month for their Microbot Push, the world’s first wireless robotic finger that can push most ordinary buttons remotely just like a human finger does. The idea is simple: Microbot Push clips on a button and from that moment user can press that button remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer, therefore making a specific function of any legacy device available through the Internet. “To maximize the utility, we also introduced Prota automation platform. Thanks to Prota users can automate when buttons should be pushed based on contextual data from other connected devices or popular web services.” The button is height adjustable that clips on devices via foam tape, which can then be programmed to do a press motion via the internet.


It works by connecting with a centralized node called a Prota Box, which allows devices to connect to Bluetooth and WiFi. Yes, that means you can even control it away from the house. There’s even an option to push the Microbot manually, though why you wouldn’t just push the button normally is unknown. One particularly convenient feature of the device is its automation system similar to IFTTT that allows users to create what the company calls “stories” using sensor data to trigger buttons and specific actions. For example, the button can turn on a coffee pot when the right amount of sunlight is detected by a sensor on the window. When you look at the Microbot that way you gotta admit it sounds more useful than you would think. Note, you may need more than one Microbot depending on how you want to use it. For instance, turning off and on a light switch requires two of the bots.

And for those of you who need your streaming fix, Microbot Push has you covered. The Prota Box has an additional app called the Prota TV cast app, which lets you wirelessly display the entire screen of your tablet or smartphone directly to your TV. This means you can watch Hulu, Netflix, and all those Youtube cat videos without worrying about wires or extra adapters. The app also supports both Airplay mirroring for iOS devices and Miracast for Android and Windows 10.

What looked like a mindless piece of technology to make the lazy lazier proves itself to be practical and useful. Just think of how it can help those with limited mobility. No need to worry about getting up constantly to switch off lights, set the coffee maker, or even change the crock-pot temp. All you need is this device, a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, and a smartphone. And it seems other people agree since the Indigogo campaign has gone beyond its $25,000 goal and raised nearly $66,000. The Microbot Push starter kit starts at $209.






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