If you want to see something completely mind blowingly, mind blowing feast your eyes upon RogueDZN.com. We’ve featured their Armadillo:161 Bracelet. Now, they have announced their newest precision machined men’s bracelet, the Armadillo: C6-DARKHORSE and boy, IS IT MANLY. Each of the 145 interlocking parts are individually, 9-axis machined from over 200 layers of compressed carbon fiber sheet (YES.) with the hardware machined from Military spec G5 Aerospace grade titanium billet block. Have a look.

RogueDZN C6-Darkhorse Bracelet

I look at the Armadillo: C6-DARKHORSE as a challenge to the jewelry industry. It’s a challenge to be bold. To put design first. To think beyond diamonds, precious gems and noble metals. It’s a challenge to brave the unknown and push forward relentlessly, even if that means going down in a storm of bullets. I extend my respect and gratitude to those who share this philosophy with me. – Matt tremblay – RogueDZN

Tech Specs:

PRODUCT: Limited Edition, Machined Carbon Fiber, Signature Series Bracelet
MATERIALS: Compressed carbon fiber block, military-spec G5 aerospace-grade titanium
PROCESSES: 9-axis machined highly compressed carbon fiber, billet titanium blocketching
FINISHES: Zero hand finishing or post processes/ Calculated machined tool-paths
DIMENSIONS: WIDTH: 25.4mm (1″), HEIGHT: 10mm (0.39″)

I’m also pretty sure it’s soaked for eight weeks in the testosterone of an ancient race of beastly man-giants. It’s available January 2012 at a price… rich, very classy, bracelet-wearing men can afford. It’s an absolute feat of engineering in every possible way.


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