Despite the various conveniences that modern laptops, tablets and smartphones provide us throughout any given day, there’s no denying that the devices constantly remind us of a fast-paced world that’s obsessed with shiny new gadgetry and rapid obsolescence caused by poor build quality.

But what if we could embed just a little bit of ‘lasting warmth’ into these digital experience for a small part of the day – the kind of warmth that one receives after working with timeless artisanal tools and natural materials?

Such is the goal of French design group Orée, who have ingeniously developed a line of desktop accessories and computer peripherals out of – you guessed it – wood.


“We craft lasting technology tools that inspire imagination, contemplation, and renewed attention to the beauty and wonder of everyday life,” explains the company. “Each piece is artisanally crafted one at a time from our workshop in southern France, using only the finest natural materials.”

While the above quote almost sounds more like the beginning of the description for a rich and deep salmon colored rosé from Côtes de Provence, it is in fact the description for a a Bluetooth equipped wireless keyboard constructed from premium Sycamore maple or French walnut.



Starting with a single piece of premium sustainably sourced wood, Orée’s expert craftsmen slice the wood into three very calculated sheets. Each of these three sheets are then used for various components of the keyboard’s housing including the bezel, the backplate and of course, the keys – all while still maintaining the grain and color of the original piece of wood. The resulting keyboards are capable of connecting up to five Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Because each of the keyboards are made to order, customers have the option to pick the desired font of the keys, too.


But of course, you can’t have a minimalist wood keyboard without having a minimalist wood mouse:


The company has also designed a minimalist ‘Touch Slab’ multi-touch trackpad that also serves as a numerical keypad made using the same processes as the keyboard, which is compatible with any Mac OS or Windows computer equipped with Bluetooth.



Of course, like most any other finely-crafted object worth owning, these accessories don’t come cheap. While a wood keyboard will set you back $190, the Touch Slab is close behind at $185.

Find out more over at Orée.