Nature is often a great tool for inspiration for designers, except when the weather isn’t exactly cooperating. Rain storms, high winds, and falling leaves all work against those of us trying to get outside for a few moments of sketching or inspiration.

Darren Yeow knew the pain of sketching outside and came up with one hell of a solution. Last year, Yeow launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Nomad Art Satchel, a high quality, weather-resistant satchel to allow artists or designers to sketch anywhere. The campaign received an overwhelming response, pulling in $126,947 AUD ($90,586 USD), well over its $30,000 goal. Though it was supposed to be released last year, it officially came out this past summer.

What’s so special about it? It looks like any other sleek black bag shoulder on the market. While it’s ‘just a bag’, the various compartments and the sturdy material is what makes this bag so different. As mentioned before, the Nomad is completely weather-resistant, due to water-resistant zippers and rubber backed, ballistic nylon to protect your supplies. No need to worry about the rain seeping in and destroying your work with this bag. An accompanying video shows the various straps and compartments the Nomad has, making it easy for artists to store their sketch books, paints, pens, pencils, and whatever else they need for drawing. It’s all easily accessible; no scrapping the bottom of the bag to find that one damn pen.


Probably the biggest benefit of the Nomad is the sling supported sketching. There are adjustable straps allowing an artist to set up the bag as a portable easel. Out by the sea and want to capture the rushing waves? Just set up the bag and sketch away. You can even do it while standing. There’s a piece that allows the Nomad to securely attach to a tripod for those who need a little more support. Now, you have your own portable easel. And don’t worry, there’s a snug pocket where a tablet can be stored for those times when you need to take a Facebook break to share your work.


Ready to pull out your wallet and drop some cash? The Nomad costs $119 USD plus ~$12 shipping, depending on your location. It’s available on their website through an extended pre-order through November 19th. It seems like a lot for a simple looking satchel, but with the ability to sketch anywhere and protect supplies that typically cost even more, it’s well worth the price. It’d be better if it had a spot for my inflated artistic ego though–guess they aren’t that creative.








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